Tuesday, June 17, 2014

It Started With A Fence

Dakota and I have come across such a fun opportunity! I have to start by saying, my husband just completely rocks! He puts up with all my little ideas, but better yet he helps me make them possible. So I don't know about you guys, but when we first got married I just really wanted our apartment to be "homey" and to be decorated well. Buying decor is hard for me to do since I'm just barely getting into it. As newlyweds you don't necessarily have a bunch of money to spend on stuff like decor either.

So this is where the fence comes in. We are now making barn wood frames. I am seriously IN LOVE with these! If you are a sucker for rustic, aged wood then you will love them too!

We are excited to be able to start making more of these and selling them! We would LOVE your feedback about this! You can vote right here on my blog, right under 'About Me' in the right column of the page. You can also leave comments or contact me if you are interested in buying one!
We are looking forward to seeing your feedback!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Catch Up! (A Lot Of Pictures!)

What a crazy few weeks it has been! May and June is a beautiful time of year! Graduations, weddings, warm weather, and finally getting outside are such refreshing things. A few weeks back I had a photography project that I needed to finish up. PORTRAITURE. I feel strongly that this could be my downfall when I am behind a camera. I love being able to take a great photo of someone, don't get me wrong. But practice, practice, practice...right?! I took some pictures of Kristi and Kort, Cody Martin, Lacey Hokansen, Cassie Albertson, Hayley Harrington, and Dakota. All of which are friends and family who were fairly easy to work with. Come to find out I actually do like taking pictures of people with the things that they love or what their lifestyle is. Kristi and Kort's lifestyles revolve around the gym, being trainers, and working for specific goals. It was fun to see them in their "natural habitats". Plus they have to be one of the cutest couples I have ever been around!
Next we had Cody Martin. I tend to really like "vintage" things so I chose to shoot him and his motorcycle. Plus, I think it shows a little more about him if you don't already know him. 
Unfortunately when I shot Lacey and Cassie we ran short on time and missed the good lighting outside. I only walked away with a couple descent shots.

It was good to get a hold of Hayley and catch up while I shot some photos of her! I loved her hair color in the shots. Plus she made a huge sacrifice and faced some stinging medal while we shot! She's the best!
And last of all I was able to shoot my very patient husband! He kinda hates being my model but he is just so great. I shot him when he was getting off work at the recycling yard. There is always some thing to look at there which made for fun backgrounds!

All of it was fun practice but it is always a good feeling to be finished with a school project. Next was Memorial Day weekend! Dakota and I were having a hard time deciding what we were going to do with a Monday off of school and work. My good friend Sierra got sealed in the temple the Saturday of that weekend. We were able to go watch them be sealed and spend the day at their wedding events. Everything was beautiful! Seeing others get sealed in the temple is such a great thing and is a sweet reminder of the day Dakota and I got sealed. Gosh, they are just the cutest couple though!
So when Monday rolled around we had decided to go drive through Yellowstone National Park. As some of you may know, making one of the full loops can really be quite the day. But we were up for the challenge since Dakota had never actually been past Old Faithful (coming from the West entrance). I definitely wanted to make it to the upper and lower falls. Right into the park we were in a line of cars for 9 miles and one hour because of buffalo in the road. We stopped at the popular turnouts and took a look around. We actually ended up running into Sierra and Justin on their honeymoon. Eventually we made it to the falls and they were just as great as I had last remembered. Fortunately the crowds had slimmed out past Old Faithful and it made it a little more enjoyable.

The following week were were able to go to Blackfoot to watch Dakota's sister Annie graduate from high school. I was able to see some friends and some of my old teachers there. I remember the day that I graduated and how important it was. Three years ago I would have never guessed that I would be married and going to school at BYU-Idaho, but it has become such a huge blessing in my life. It was fun to see Annie start this new part of her life!
And lastly... summer has finally gotten here! I kicked off summer with a fire by the river and a new job! You heard it!...it actually is possible to get a job in Rexburg. I am now working for The Jean Girl, a fun little clothing boutique. Check out their website full of cute, modest, and trendy clothes! You'll love them!
The Jean Girl

We definitely got a good start to summer and are looking forward to any adventures that are headed our way!