Monday, January 9, 2017

San Francisco 2017

It is only January 9th and I have officially caught the adventure bug for the year. It happened so fast! It usually happens when the snow is starting to melt and I start itching to go out after being cozied in all winter. However this year we kicked off the new year with a trip to San Francisco. Dakota had to go for business so Benson and I tagged along! Bless Dakotas heart, let me get a new lens before we left. My love for capturing Gods natural creations and the world around us has surfaced once again! It's even better capturing a toddler seeing new places as well. I'm hooked watching Dakota and Benson see new things. 
Now if you haven't been to San Francisco before, it really is a city that surprises you a little more each day. Unfortunately we were there while it was rainy on and off for most of our trip. We did catch a couple sunny/overcast days though. Being in this city definitely made me realize how much I like my wide open spaces that we get in Idaho. Dakota and I were both fairly disoriented the whole trip, between all the buildings and hills. It took me almost 3 days to even realize which direction our hotel room was facing, but I managed! 
We flew in around noon the first day, and had time to get out and do something. Our first outing was to Fishermans Wharf area. We sure did a lot of walking and ended up at Gheridelli Square and Fort Mason. The more we walked the more curious we got about what was just a little further down the road. 
Pier 39
Taking the F Train to Fishermans Wharf
Fort Mason

Fort Mason
View of Alcatraz from Pier 39
Pier 39
Pier 39
Fishermans Wharf
Ferry Building 
Fishermans Wharf

 The next morning Dakota had some time and at my request we headed to Baker Beach. We caught an Uber and luckily got an awesome driver that drove us down Lombard Street on the way over to the beach. This was such a pretty beach. I feel like it had a lot to offer. It was quiet, with not many tourists and a much smaller stretch of beach. However you got a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge and the beach houses on the opposite side. Benson really liked it too! 
Baker Beach
Golden Gate Bridge
The next couple days got pretty rainy and instead of being caught in the hotel room we were fortunately right next to Union Square and all the shopping! Benson and I easily burned some time in the multi level stores! 
On our last day the clouds finally broke and Benson and I made the trek out to the Golden Gate Park. We visited the California Academy of Science. It was a little pricey but I could have definitely spent the whole day there! It was awesome! I would recommend it for all ages. 
Overall I wish we could have spent a little more time out and seeing everything but we managed with the weather that we had! I'm definitely glad I got my new lens before this trip though! Even Dakota tried his hand at a couple pictures and noticed a big difference! What a fun trip! Next up, HAWAII!🌴🐠

Saturday, April 9, 2016

One of the Lucky Ones

What can I say? 5 short years have gone by since our high school graduation and I am truly amazed. In four of those years you have accomplished what at first, seemed inpossible. You are one of the lucky ones. The thing is though, you only had a dash of luck mixed with your dedication, hard work, strength, and knowledge. Those early mornings and late nights sure did pay off though. You stood your ground many times a week as I would consistently come bother you in the back office. Most weeks you weren't just pushing papers for school, but busting through 40+ hour weeks at work. If someone asked me how you did it, or what your trick was, I would have absolutely no reply. It's just who you are, and I couldn't be more proud about that.  I'm trying really hard not to be biased, but it's hard not to when I know your one of the best guys out there. That Bachelors of Agronomy, Crop and Soil Science looks good on you and you definitely earned it. As you walked that stage tonight, I could see in your smile how silly you probably felt in that cap and gown, and how you tried to bypass the picture area. But in 20 years you will thank me for making you stop on those stairs so I could take two not very good pictures with my phone. Those pictures aren't much, but the knowledge you gained in the last four years will be a blessing as time goes on. You may have ruined my cutting boards with your research project, had me help you make a book of 50 different weeds, and brought home purple potatoes but now you have a degree to show for it. What a blessing that is for our little family too.


You have held strong for four years and have built upon your foundation. You held tight to the rod. I have loved watching you fine tune your skills, become a leader, network with out fear, travel the distances, push your limits, and have faith in God. He knew all along that you would do great things, and here I am watching it all unfold. I must be one of the lucky ones too...because I have you. Geeze, you sure make me proud to say your my husband. I couldn't ask for a better man to teach Benson to work hard.
So here's to you.

I love you so dearly.
Sincerely, your proud wife.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Sound of Fireworks on New Years

For some reason these last two months were going by so quickly. The most common thing I have heard all the new moms say is how they couldn't picture their life any other way. I could some days. I imagined what Dakota and I would be doing at that moment if Benson wasn't here...
Nothing. It would be the same in and out of work and/or school. I would have been in a rut. But I had came to realize that Benson had completely filled a small void in the back of my head. The void that always presented itself as the "what if" scenarios. My life was no longer a what if or should have. Benson put me exactly right where I needed to be. I may not be the most experienced or knowledgeable mother. I didn't read all the baby books. I knew in my heart that God had something in store for me that a 'what to expect while expecting' book was not going to prepare me for. Benson set my life on track in the direction that I was waiting for. There was no better time for me to reflect on that, then New Years. Benson didn't completely turn my world upside down, but he surely did show me what it was all about. 2015 ended with my husband soundly snoring in bed, and Benson being rocked back to sleep in my arms as the sound of distant fireworks ring in the new year. It is a silly celebration but a wonderful reminder of the things that that are most important to us. It doesn't seem quite fair to celebrate the dollars we made and the dollars we spent, the lavish gifts we bought/received, but instead, the milestones and goals we reach from working hard and being grateful. Happy New Year! I Welcome 2016 with open arms and a giddy heart in anticipation of what my be around the corner this year.
And to my dearest Benson: Welcome to this world and may you see all the wonderful things with your curious blue eyes. Your dad and I love you...and our lives truly wouldn't be the same without you. Thank you little one. You have changed it all in the best way possible.

Monday, September 15, 2014


 I'm officially that person. I'm the person that gets REALLY excited about fall time. Some see it as the milestone next to cold, dark, winters. Well...I enjoy winter as well. Call me crazy! I feel like this post could turn into something like "Oprah's Favorite Things". It's fine...

  • Fall Scents
Mahogany Teakwood, Leaves, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Farmstand Apple, Sandalwood Vanilla, Autumn Sky, and Tailgate... You get the idea. Some of the best memories of this time of year have a sweet scent that follow along with it. I can vividly remember lazy Saturday mornings and afternoons as my mom would motivate me to clean something or anything in the house. The day was filled with the smell of Windex, furniture cleaner, and a fall scented candle. I would follow up my Saturday cleaning with any plans of getting out of the house with my friends to cause any kind of trouble throughout Snake River. Those were my favorite days...

  • Fall Fashion

Layers!...Fall seems to be the only season I can actually layer my cute clothes without having to cover them up with my coat. It's not too hot and it's not too cold. Boots come out of the closet and those cute jackets you have been stowing away since April are finally being put to use again. Boot socks and button ups are paired perfectly together. Light knit sweaters and your favorite denim begin to surface to your dresser drawers. And for all you girls that are all about comfort...patterned legging are begin to become acceptable to wear as pants again. Clearly this is why I work in retail...

  • Concert Season

If your passionate about music as I am, you have noticed that your favorite bands are starting to tour the western states and releasing new albums with handfuls of new songs to download. Its the time of year to plan your trips to Salt Lake and Boise in hopes that your favorite rock star will make eye contact with you. I'm merely only mocking myself. I am all about it. I love live music. My fall playlist is full of a little bit of everything. Your favorite artists are about to hibernate for winter so they are getting their work onto iTunes before they do so. In case you didn't know, Itunes updates every week around 11PM on Mondays. I nearly stalk Itunes this time of year. I'm only in the works of building my "Snow Jams" playlist for skiing.

  • Colors

There is something about the leaves changing colors that is magical and refreshing. I tend to get the urges of hunting down these trees and taking pictures of their colorful leaves and shedding branches. I'm sure you will get to see these photos as the time comes near. The sunsets seem to linger a little longer and the sky becomes hazy with smoke as summer fires hopefully come to a close.

  • Weather

I'm not a hot weather creature... I enjoy the crisp dry air this time of year. I couldn't tell you what it is but something changes the air. I'm not crazy, Dakota agrees with me. The slight chill in the day reminds you that snow will be here before you know it. It is still sunny outside but you will not scorch your feet if you walk to your mailbox in bare feet. Regardless of the amount of rain we have gotten this year, it has been pleasant.

  • General Conference

Let me let you in about a secret about me...I never had actually listened to General Conference or realized what this great thing was all about until later in my high school years. However I have been to conference a few times since and I have loved it. I think that living only three hours from the LDS church headquarters and conference center is a blessing. The time of year is such a great time to regroup and take notes on the things that we find we need to work on. We look towards these leaders to give us the guidance that we may seek. I may not write about my LDS beliefs often, but I do love conference and the spirit it brings into homes around the world.

There you have it...Jayme's Favorite Fall Things. My mind and heart are so full of the best of times I have had in the autumn. The friends that I made and the trouble we couldn't seem to avoid. I figure this is a great time to include some of my favorite fall pictures! I love these days of reminisce and the great people that fill my memories.
(Here's to the "awkward years" and better times, in no particular order.)