Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Sound of Fireworks on New Years

For some reason these last two months were going by so quickly. The most common thing I have heard all the new moms say is how they couldn't picture their life any other way. I could some days. I imagined what Dakota and I would be doing at that moment if Benson wasn't here...
Nothing. It would be the same in and out of work and/or school. I would have been in a rut. But I had came to realize that Benson had completely filled a small void in the back of my head. The void that always presented itself as the "what if" scenarios. My life was no longer a what if or should have. Benson put me exactly right where I needed to be. I may not be the most experienced or knowledgeable mother. I didn't read all the baby books. I knew in my heart that God had something in store for me that a 'what to expect while expecting' book was not going to prepare me for. Benson set my life on track in the direction that I was waiting for. There was no better time for me to reflect on that, then New Years. Benson didn't completely turn my world upside down, but he surely did show me what it was all about. 2015 ended with my husband soundly snoring in bed, and Benson being rocked back to sleep in my arms as the sound of distant fireworks ring in the new year. It is a silly celebration but a wonderful reminder of the things that that are most important to us. It doesn't seem quite fair to celebrate the dollars we made and the dollars we spent, the lavish gifts we bought/received, but instead, the milestones and goals we reach from working hard and being grateful. Happy New Year! I Welcome 2016 with open arms and a giddy heart in anticipation of what my be around the corner this year.
And to my dearest Benson: Welcome to this world and may you see all the wonderful things with your curious blue eyes. Your dad and I love you...and our lives truly wouldn't be the same without you. Thank you little one. You have changed it all in the best way possible.

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